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Serving national and eastern areas including Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, Baltimore, Maryland;
Washington, D.C.; Buffalo, New York; Louisville, Kentucky; and Princeton, New Jersey.

Forward Analytics is a full-service marketing research and strategic planning firm located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and servicing many eastern cities such as Baltimore/DC, Buffalo, Columbus, Cleveland, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia to name just a few. We serve clients nationally as well.
We provide business direction to clients by delivering fact-based answers to questions regarding complex marketplace conditions. Our clients rely on our marketing research to make timely and informed decisions. Our goal is to service our clients and to directly support their continued success through our qualified people, best practices, and analytic tools.
Forward Analytics has over 25 years combined experience in the collection, analysis, and presentation of business intelligence. Whether your need is for competitive analysis, product development, customer satisfaction, keyword research, or search engine optimization / SEO, we can help you make critical decisions by providing quantitative support in a friendly and comprehendible manner.
We deliver business value to a wide range of clients and industries including, Fortune 500 corporations, health care, higher education, arts & institutions, and government. We work closely with clients and rely on their industry knowledge and experience to guide the project framework. Then, we combine our expertise in soliciting thought leaders and probing the marketplace to begin generating relevant data.

Expertise in both Traditional Strategic Planning and Internet Marketing

Our team's success lies in its interdisciplinary background. The directors of the company have backgrounds relating to marketing research and Internet marketing respectively. When combined, Forward Analytics' marketing research and search engine optimization services offer clients a comprehensive view of their business. Our research firm's unique ability to solve multi-faceted questions that arise from traditional business channels as well as the Internet provides bottom line benefits to our clients. We believe, based on the growing overlap of traditional and digital services, that it is imperative for businesses to track both channels in their marketing usage, projection, and ROI reports.
We are pleased to be one of the first full-service marketing research firms to offer a web analytics division. Forward Analytics' proven marketing research methods and premium strategic marketing services are now also helping clients to measure Internet marketing, and optimize their search engine visibility ( SEO ). We would be happy to visit your organization to meet with you. We frequently travel to Columbus, Cleveland, Baltimore/DC, Philadelphia, and the New Jersey area. For national clients we are available via conference call and will make onsite visits as needed.
If you have any questions regarding our marketing research studies, strategic planning services, Internet marketing measurement, or search engine optimization / SEO services, please contact us at our Pittsburgh office at 412-207-2114.

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