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Forward Analytics welcomes your questions as well as feedback regarding our website or services. If you would like further information about our strategic marketing, brand research, market research consultants, economic impact, SEO solutions, or any other custom primary research product please use one of the contact methods listed below.

We will answer all requests, at least with an acknowledgement, within one business day. We aim to provide prompt and professional communication in all aspects of our business. You can communicate with us via phone, email, or post.

If you've browsed our website but have not found a qualitative or quantitative market research study that fits the needs of your organization, please ask us. As a marketing research firm that specializes in custom projects, our market research consultants have experience with many industries and research methods that may not be explicitly listed within the website.

To reach a market research consultant:

Forward Analytics
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Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone: 412-207-2114
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Or, you can post your request right here using our online form:

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Thank you for visiting Forward Analytics. Our research consultants helps clients unlock their full market potential. A marketing research consultant will return your requests for strategic services or custom primary research within one business day.

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