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Web Ranking and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Solutions
We provide an 8 step search engine strategy that will increase your Internet visibility

Forward Analytics is a research driven SEO company offering web ranking and SEO solutions. Through the application of business intelligence, Forward Analytics helps clients to increase search engine positioning and improve their market share.
The impact of the Internet on marketing research and strategic marketing, while helping improve opportunities for some businesses has overwhelmed others with yet another layer of complexity. Because of the steep technical and analytic barriers, many web site owners, especially industrial and business oriented sites, think it is beyond their ability to capture quality traffic and derive solid value from their web presence. And in today's competitive search positioning environment, unless they utilize a web ranking strategy and SEO solution - they are right.
Forward Analytics offers a unique approach to our clients' need for increased search positioning. We reestablished our research company specifically to address the synergies between traditional marketing research and the growing online analytics industry. Our executive team pairs talented professionals from the strategic marketing services arena with veteran SEO specialists. The result of combining a strategic research company with an SEO company is a powerful suite of tools that maximizes our clients' access to key business intelligence.
Our goal is to help our clients create opportunities and increase sales. The impact of the Internet on market research and vice versa marks a turning point regarding the volume and access to critical data. Companies face a choice whether to use this data explosion offensively, or make it a low priority and struggle to catch up in several years. Our exacting research techniques help clients unlock their online marketing potential through increased search engine positioning and state of the art business intelligence feedback. We are in effect "search visibility consultants" making the fullest use of our inter-disciplinary research skills to ensure value to our clients today as well as going forward.
Our Internet marketing research and consulting division focuses on helping our clients to increase search engine positioning and improve their market share with ethical and affordable search engine optimization (SEO) solutions. Let's define what these terms mean and examine the benefits in perspective.

The Importance of Search Engine Visibility

Everyone's heard the old adage; "The first rule of business is Location, Location, Location." So having a web site with low visibility is analogous to settling for a terrible business location. As an SEO company, we use web optimization to help you achieve a high search engine ranking and ensure your web site is visible to your target customers.
Web ranking is just as critical for business to business companies as it is for consumer companies. Here is an excerpt from a Healthcare industry publication regarding the importance of web optimization and using an SEO solution. The article from MDNetGuide, reports that nearly 95% of practicing physicians are online, doing everything from researching clinical information to completing continuing medical education. "These numbers indicate that there is a large online market to which health care companies can present their products and services."
"In order to take advantage of this highly qualified audience, organizations need a search engine optimization strategy that allows users to find your website. How can a website achieve its highest return if a substantial portion of its target audience cannot find it?"
Therein lies the problem, many organizations have spent large sums of money to create a nice looking web site that's been constructed without the oversight of a qualified strategic marketing and SEO specialist. Forward Analytics helps clients take control of essential business intelligence that is often locked right inside their un-optimized web pages. We find that the opportunity costs alone can cover the expense of an optimization and search positioning campaign.

We Offer Superior Keyword Research, Measurement, & Analysis

Search engine optimization is about much more than shuffling keywords between web pages! Some people call it art, while others a science. We prefer to think of it as a union between marketing and research.
Naturally the process revolves around keywords; specifically the "right" keywords; however, the discovery process forces us to examine far deeper issues such as your competitors keywords, and the way in which your customers perceive you. Basically, search engine optimization is an ongoing process that ploughs up data about customer loyalty, competitive intelligence, market positioning, and brand equity. For these reasons, we believe our marketing research upbringing enables us to better solve these complex equations and provide our clients with the most timely and reliable ethical business intelligence for critical decision making.
Forward Analytics' SEO specialists will work with your organization to unlock the market potential of your Internet presence through our web ranking and our SEO solutions. Perhaps you're also interested in learning about our pay per click (PPC) management services too. We offer discounts for clients who use both our SEO Solutions and PPC bid Management services.

Quantitative Research Firm
You must FIRST be visible to the search engines if you want your site to generate leads. We perform eight specific steps to improve your Internet exposure:

Keyword Research

Competitive Research

Design Analysis

Content Optimization

Page Submissions

Position Tracking

Traffic Measurement

Conversion Analytics