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Bid Management and Pay Per Click (PPC) Optimization Services
We manage and measure keyword campaigns to help clients achieve a positive ROI

Forward Analytics, an established market research firm, now offers pay per click management and PPC optimization services to help clients quantify the data associated with keyword selection, keyword buys, and bid management.
This page is dedicated to helping our clients understand the benefits (and challenges) of optimizing keyword buys at sites such as Overture, Google and Findwhat. First, perhaps we should define "pay per click (PPC)" marketing as it applies to the search engine industry. PPC marketing is the act of sponsoring an advertisement that appears when a user types in a matching keyword selection. The economic model is fairly simple; the sponsor willing to pay the most earns the top position and is seen first. Using this form of paid introduction is a very effective way to drive targeted leads to your business. The challenge is that the process is extremely data intensive and requires continual monitoring, measurement, and management to be successful.
These paid links are not to be confused with "natural" search results which are collected by software agents called spiders and indexed mathematically. If you've ever used Google, you've already witnessed the difference between paid search results and "natural," links. Paid results or PPC listings are the shaded links appearing in a column off to the right side. Again, these links are advertisements that are triggered when a user searches for a relevant keyword.
The benefit of using pay per click marketing campaigns is that they can be executed quickly - within in a few days. The drawback is that because you're spending money, it is necessary to be very meticulous and informed about when, where, whom, and how much regarding each click-through. Forward Analytics uses sophisticated Internet measurement techniques and software to pinpoint opportunities and uncover risks. PPC optimization is similar to commodity trading in that there are trends and tricks, and that's why many investors use assistance from a brokerage house or some type of analytics package.

Successful PPC Campaigns Require Creativity, Measurement, and Vigilance

Pay per click bid management also requires some type of service or assistance (manual, software, or both.) There are several contributing factors that make PPC campaigns complex. The first is measurement and cost; companies are spending thousands per day to bring new visitors to their web sites. How do you justify and calculate an ROI against at these traffic levels? Another complexity is simply the sheer volume of data paid search campaigns tend to generate. Consider that your organization has 100 keywords. Sounds easy enough. Now multiply your list times 5 for all verb tenses, plurals, and misspellings. You can begin to see your actual keyword selection list take shape.
As an established marketing research company, we are well equipped to manage your pay per click keywords. Our reports are web based so clients have full access to all data in real-time. The reports will quantitatively show how many visitors are coming from which engines. Your bid manager can help you drill down to granular reports that cross-tabulate individual keyword performance and identify trends. Our primary job is to help our clients identify and eliminate keywords that result in waste, and to monopolize keywords that are profitable. That's how we define PPC management and optimization.
Another benefit of Forward Analytics' pay per click management service is the ability to embed a small piece of JavaScript on our clients' web pages that tracks every incoming click and provides detailed analytics on visitors behavior. In an effort to provide unparalleled service, part of our PPC consulting includes a "last mile" effort where we will customize ROI reports based on your organization's unique definition of a conversion. At this level of research, Forward Analytics unlocks market potentials that are invisible to your competitors who rely primarily on human observations and web logs for their pay per click management and positioning intelligence.
Forward Analytics has experience buying keywords at the primary search engines. There are about a dozen PPC companies that comprise 90% of the available traffic. The primary suppliers of traffic are Overture, Google, Findwhat, Kanoodle, and Ah-ha; followed by, GoClick, Search123, SearchFeed, Turbo10, Xuppa, Brain Fox, and 7Search. We use software that will check all your terms up to 40 times per day and make decisions based on rules that you determine.

Let us Manage Your PPC Accounts for a Positive ROI

The risks of taking on a PPC project internally are two fold. The first is time. When all is said and done, managing hundreds of keywords across a dozen engines and finding the optimal bids is time consuming. The second is analytics. Without the proper tracking software to make empirically based decisions, you may be basing thousands of transactions on guesswork. The odds are much better working with professionals who have the tools and experience to make sure that every dime is well spent.
We manage keyword bidding for clients who use thousands of terms. If managing your keyword campaigns is taking too much of your time; or, if you have in-depth questions such as, "which keywords produce the greatest repeat customer ratio," then we believe we can offer you a valuable service to minimize losses and increase profitability.
Forward Analytics will work with your organization based on a flat agency commission to handle all your PPC needs. This is a data intensive process so we offer discounts for clients who use both our SEO solutions as well as our pay per click (PPC) bid management and optimization services. Please contact us for more information.

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We use software that will check all your paid keyword terms over 100 times per day. Let our experience in this field help you:

Avoid overpaying

Find undervalued words

Track word performance

Measure conversions

Save time and worries