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Corporate and industrial branding, awareness, and image market research
Our competitive intelligence consultants use both traditional and online methods.

As industrial branding consultants, Forward Analytics helps corporate clients increase customer retention and sales levels through industrial branding, image, and awareness market research, as well as satisfaction studies, competitive intelligence, customer value analysis, and new product market research. Our tools and techniques have great utility in all sectors of the economy, including producers and suppliers of industrial, consumer, and service products.
Forward Analytics' corporate marketing research products support the three fundamental business needs; reaching customers, converting customers, and retaining customers. Our services provide near-term answers that help our clients identify market strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Additionally, the long-term value of our market intelligence is evident when it comes time for forward planning - which markets? which products? what price? We aim to exceed our clients' expectations by generating reports that provide actionable information that's usable from the boardroom to the production floor.
Forward Analytics is an established leader in the fields of industrial branding market research, competitive intelligence, business to business market research and consumer product market research. Through quantitative and qualitative survey questionnaire design, we gather the following types of data:
  • ongoing customer satisfaction
  • customer value regarding product, service, and price
  • corporate image and customer opinions
  • competitive intelligence, positioning and industry information
  • key decision makers
  • factors influencing decision making
  • purchase and experience information
  • new product development and feasibility
  • brand awareness
  • pricing
We maintain our leading edge position in competitive intelligence market research by interweaving sophisticated conceptual and creative skills with data collection and the most advanced analytical techniques. (Noted in right column.) Once the necessary data is gathered, our competitive intelligence consultants help clients develop a strategic business plan and marketing messages, including web marketing and search engine optimization.

Competitive Intelligence and Brand Visibility on the Internet

Internet traffic is becoming more valuable to organizations as their customers become accustomed to going "online" to find services, research prices, and educate themselves. Search engine optimization solutions are extremely important to maintain visibility, and hence a continued dialog with your customers and prospects. Studies show that of the millions of "hits" typically returned by a keyword search, only the first 30 results receive a measurable number clicks. If your organization isn't in the top results for critical words or phrases in your industry, then your expensive website will never be in a position to reach its full potential.
One of Forward Analytics' co-founders has over 12 years experience with Internet marketing and Internet lead generation. Mr. Campbell has consulted with Fortune 500 companies such as Unilever/Bestfoods and GlaxoSmitheKline, as well as hospitality groups such as Red Lobster (Darden Restaurants), and consumer cosmetics giant Avon Products regarding their Internet marketing initiatives.
One of the factors behind the creation of Forward Analytics was an urgent need within the business-to-business community for knowledgeable consulting regarding Internet marketing. Forward Analytics has first hand experience with the online marketing models that work. We can tailor online programs for lead generation, branding, competitive intelligence, measurement, and customer retention. Today, even the least likely industries, such as steel makers use the Internet to attract new customers and generate sales. Your website doesn't have to stop short and merely "support" your sales process. Done properly, you business' web site can achieve a positive ROI by driving qualified leads and opening an e-mail communication channel with your customers.
Here's a perfect example from the front page of USAToday (2/4/2004). The article begins with a testimonial from a manufacturer of rolled steel products who confesses, "I shudder to think of where we'd be ... without Google." Sales for the 26-employee firm are up 35%. You can read the article at USAToday regarding the importance of Business-to-Business search engine optimization and Internet marketing.
We can help determine and measure you online brand visibility. Here's an overview of our services:
  • Organic Position rankings within various search engines
  • Full list of competitive web sites
  • Keyword research for your business
  • Keyword opportunities for paid placement and natural optimization
  • Search engine optimization / SEO campaign
  • Email open rates and response measurement
If you would like to hear more about our business-to-business or consumer product market research services, please call (412) 207-2114. Forward Analytics serves a wide away of corporate clients including producers and suppliers of industrial, consumer, and service products. Our abilities range from new product market research and competitive intelligence to image awareness and branding market research and customer retention studies. Furthermore, we offer Internet marketing solutions, such as SEO, lead generation and ROI measurement.
Quantitative Research Firm
Business market research requires a precise understanding of basic
and advanced statistical analysis tools. The tools and techniques we use regularly include:

CHAID (Chi-Squared)

Cluster Analysis

Comparison Analysis

Conjoint studies

Customer Value Analysis

Factor Analysis

Perceptual Mapping

Segmentation Modeling