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Customer Value Analysis (CVA)
Our premiere customer loyalty research study

Forward Analytics is a premier market research supplier of Customer Value Analysis (CVA) and customer loyalty marketing research. These two studies are far more in-depth than our basic employee or customer satisfaction survey reports.
CVA represents the quintessential benefit a marketing research study can have on an organization. Customer Value Analysis empowers organizations with superior business intelligence capable of unlocking complex market opportunities. This tool helps our clients define the actions that will result in a competitive advantage.
If you are involved in a competitive industry, our customer value analysis product can serve as the cornerstone of your companies' customer retention strategy and strategic marketing management plan. Forward Analytics has utilized the tools and metrics of customer value analysis for corporate clients, in all sectors of the economy, including producers and suppliers of industrial, consumer and service products.
While similar in appearance to traditional customer satisfaction and image and awareness studies, customer value analysis provides more accurate and useable competitive information for marketing, planning and strategic positioning services. Built on the idea that customers measure "value", and make business decisions, based on the relationships of quality and price, Forward Analytics has designed a research methodology that evaluates the relative importance of a complete set of factors (products, services, relationships, image and PRICE) and the perceived performance of all competitors on those factors.
Through the application of our quantitative CVA research, you will be equipped to:
  • Identify the attributes that matter to your customers and the competitors' customers.
  • Show exactly how customers define these attributes.
  • Quantify the company's performance and your competitor's performance.
  • Show which competitors have superior value propositions and what can be done.
  • Reveal which market players are poised to gain or lose market share.
  • Provide a fact-based, data driven system for making decisions, beating the competition and tracking progress.

Benchmark Consumer Needs, Preferences, and Opinions

As an end result of our research services, you will have solid benchmark data of consumer needs, preferences, and opinions regarding your products or services. These actionable findings make the foundation of a successful customer retention strategy. Furthermore, through the application of our research, your company will be equipped with the data and tools required to plan marketing messages, offer enhancements, and other strategic actions to out-perform the competition on the key factors that matter to customers and potential customers.
Our customer loyalty marketing research generates several key graphics and metrics profiling the comparative market position of your company. The Customer Value Map gives a clear picture of how the customer's decision is made among you and your competitors. We have found the customer value map to be a powerful analytical tool, helping to predict which players in a market are likely to gain market share and why.

Customer Value Map:

Customer Value Analysis Map

The following customer value analysis chart draws direct comparisons between you and your competitors. The market-perceived quality profile and market-perceived price profile is the heart of customer value analysis. The information provided is essential in generating a successful customer retention strategy. Each bar represents how much better or worse your company is performing on all factors, or attributes, relative to the competitor. This comparison includes both quality and price perceptions. If the bar extends to the right, your company is perceived as performing better than the competitor and represents and opportunity for market share gain. If the bar extends to the left, you are perceived as performing worse than your competitor on that attribute.

Customer Loyalty Map:

Customer Loyalty Market Research Map

While the length of the bar indicates the comparative strength (or weakness) of the market perceived performance, the thickness of each bar is proportionate to the importance weight of the attribute according to your customers and potential customers. Also, the thickness in the price bar is proportionate to its importance relative to the overall combined thickness of quality factors.

Customer Value Analysis Provides a Competitive Advantage

  • Equipped with the findings of our customer loyalty marketing research, your company will have quantitative measures helpful for developing a strategic marketing management plan by improving company performance on key quality attributes that matter to current and potential customers.
  • The findings will enable you to monitor the strengths and weaknesses of competitors - working to take advantages of competitors' weaknesses and build upon your companies' market strengths.
  • You will be able to utilize the research findings to help identify and manage key business processes that must continue to work well, or be improved, for the important customer needs to be met.
  • With repeated periodic research, using the same methodology, your company will be able to measure improvements achieved in overall customer value and on each specific attribute that matters to the market.
In today's increasingly competitive global markets, building customer loyalty and retaining profitable customers is a critical component in any company's success. As the premier market research supplier of customer value analysis and customer loyalty marketing research, Forward Analytics has worked with a wide-array of clients, from well-established Fortune 500 corporations to start-up businesses and non-profit organizations. Our services don't end with the quantitative research, we help you translate the fact-based findings into a successful customer retention strategy and strategic marketing management plan. To contact a consultant, please call 412-207-2114.

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Customer Value Analysis can benefit your organization and help:

Create Strategic Plans

Manage Key Processes

Measure Value

Valuate Improvements

Determine Threats