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Our site design is aimed at providing indepth knowlegde of our products

Forward Analytics welcomes you to its Products index page. The first characteristic you may notice about our site is that the pages are longer than you're probably used to. We hope you will take the time to read and understand the material. We believe that there are no shortcuts to adequately describe our premium marketing research, quantitative analysis, and Internet optimization products. Keep in mind that our goal is to unravel complex questions surrounding your business. We feel it is important for clients' to be aware of our services and the nature of our methods. A mutual understanding is needed to produce the best results and ensure that the working relationship generates the highest possible value. Hopefully you will find the keys that can unlock your organizations' full marketing potential within the materials and topics that we cover.

The following are links to our marketing research, quantitative analysis, and Internet optimization products and services:

1. Conjoint Marketing Research and New Product Development - This is a custom research product that deals with feasibility strategy, product pricing, and consumer market research.

2. Corporate and Industrial Branding Market Research - This strategic service image research and more. This product also taps into awareness, loyalty, positioning, and competitive intelligence.

3. Customer (and employee) Satisfaction Studies - This is a fairly straight forward assessment of attitudes, opinions, and the climate of your customers or employees. This will reveal the factors that contribute to satisfaction and provide measurements for future comparison.

4. Customer Value Analysis (CVA) - This custom product is one of the most in-depth analyses we offer. CVA is a 3 dimensional evaluation of your products, customers, and competition. The final evaluation is likely to be the cornerstone of your organizations' strategic marketing plan.

5. Economic Impact Models - Another of our far-reaching products, EI models help organizations empirically determine their value within several zones including industry, labor force, community, state, and competition. As well, EI models are helpful in determining how policy changes will affect the various standings.

6. Market Segmentation Research and Strategic Marketing Consulting - Market segmentation is the act of identifying and prioritizing the groups of customers who are most likely to purchase. This section also discusses the tools we use such as cluster analysis and CHAID.

7. Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising and Bid Management Services - With literally hundreds of millions of searches occurring daily, it is necessary for organizations to occasionally "pay" for search listings. To this end, it is critical that the organization carefully monitor, measure, and refine its strategy.

8. Search Engine Optimization | SEO Solutions - As we've just mentioned above, Internet optimization is imperative for companies who demand visibility. Forward Analytics has the people, experience, and tools to help your organization capture a top listing on the top search engines.

We hope you will find our detailed product descriptions helpful. If you have any questions regarding our marketing research products, quantitative studies, and Internet optimization services please contact a consultant at 412-207-2114.

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