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Health Care Market Research and Strategic Marketing Services
Customized solutions ranging from employee retention to regional growth planning

Forward Analytics supports the health care and pharmaceutical industry with market research, strategic marketing services, economic impact studies, and also Internet marketing. Our custom marketing research solutions deliver value to our clients who include health care providers and systems, health insurance and health plans, and marketers of medical equipment, supplies and services. The business intelligence we unlock helps our clients to make timely and informed decisions. Our goal is to service our clients and to directly support their continued success through our qualified people, best practices, and analytic tools.
Forward Analytics' success is based entirely on our clients' satisfaction. In order to meet our clients' needs, we provide a complete range of quantitative and qualitative health care marketing research studies in the following areas:
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Pharmaceutical market research
  • Community health assessments
  • Physician-Nurse-Staff satisfaction and retention research
  • Economic impact of health care and community benefits study
  • Product, service and provider preference and selection factors
  • Consumer perception, image and awareness of healthcare products and providers
Forward Analytics' market research specialists use high-level analytical tools to tackle complicated studies involving hard to reach specialists such as physicians, allied health professionals, and health benefits decision-makers. The advantage of targeting these and other highly specialized respondents is that they have precise information to impart. Our data collection capabilities include in-depth, one-on-one interviews, CATI assisted telephone interviews, small and large-scale Internet based surveys and mail questionnaires (both business and consumer.)
Our healthcare marketing research process does not stop with the surveys or the qualitative research. Among our unique strengths: we work to actively transfer the knowledge and understanding that was gained through the research process and integrate it into the healthcare organization's strategic marketing plan. This "research-to-results" approach empowers organizations to strengthen their internal communications by reaching out to managers and professionals at all levels and sharing the results. Our ability to help clients turn field research into actionable tactics to improve their organization's staff, customer relationships and business outcomes is just another way Forward Analytics provides value and ensures a high return on investment (ROI) for clients who use our health care marketing research. You may also find our "Products" page about Customer Satisfaction helpful.

Economic Benefits / Impact Research for Hospitals and Health Systems

Forward Analytics has designed a comprehensive economic impact model for the Healthcare industry. This product measures the far-reaching economic influence and community benefits imparted by hospitals and health systems.
We help hospital administrators advance their organization's position by revealing the substantial economic impact that a growing health care facility may have on its surrounding community. Because hospitals typically use large amounts of local labor and purchase generous inputs from area businesses, our research finds that many are responsible for a significant positive economic impact to their regions.
Spending money in and of itself, however, is not sufficient for an institution to be considered a significant economic engine in a state or region. What is required for a true expansion of the economic base is the spending of out-of region dollars (federal funding, out-of-region patients and visitors, insurers.) Our economic impact model provides measures of not only the total economic impact and community benefits of a hospital or health system, but also the impact that is only attributable to out-of-region dollars.
Forward Analytics' economic impact model integrates a linear cash flow methodology with IMPLAN (input/output software.) The linear cash flow model provides measures of business volume (direct and indirect) and regional government revenues allocable to the institution, together with breakouts of the individual categories of spending that comprise the total impact (e.g. institutional capital spending, staff, patient, visitor, etc.)

Economic Impact Model

A hospitals' economic impact usually extends beyond spending and generating employment to directly and indirectly impact the quality of life, local and statewide tourism, community wellness, and business development. Our comprehensive impact studies capture additional economic and social benefits, such as:
  • Direct and indirect employment
  • Charitable or indigent care
  • Venture capital funding
  • Health science education and research
  • Community health and wellness
  • Biomedical business development
  • Community service
  • Regional livability or quality of life
Forward Analytics conducts comprehensive economic impact and community benefits studies for a wide array of clients including higher education institutions, governments, retailers, major regional employers, arts, recreation and tourism.

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Services for the Healthcare Industry

Forward Analytics also applies its proven health care marketing research methods in the areas of e-marketing and Web Analytics. It's estimated that 63 million Americans are actively using the Internet to find online health content. As more consumers seek online guidance for health issues, companies in the medical industry need to ensure they understand their website traffic accurately and on a continual basis.
Nearly 95% of practicing physicians are online, doing everything from researching clinical information to completing continuing medical education. These numbers indicate that there is a large online market to which health care companies can present their products and services. Similarly, companies need to maintain vigilance regarding competitor and partner Websites to maintain industry perspectives.
Forward Analytics has the in-house expertise to help you manage this critical new business front. In addition to online surveying, our e-marketing services include website optimization, usability testing, keyword research, paid keyword management, ROI measurement, and general consulting or help choosing a web design firm.
If a website is to be effective, it must be visible to a substantial portion of its target audience. By measurably increasing our clients' Internet visibility we are helping them regain lost opportunity costs, generate leads, and add brand value. The goal of our search engine optimization (SEO) solution is straight forward - to help you achieve higher search engine rankings. The execution, however, is a science. We exhaustively research and find the keywords that are most favorable to your business and make recommendations on site design and implementation of these keywords. Finally, we track the position of your competitors and maintain an ongoing strategy to capture search engine share.
Through these innovative new tools combined with solid traditional marketing research, Forward Analytics can provide important actionable insights on how patients, doctors and other visitors find and interact with your healthcare related business. Whether online or off, Forward Analytics is prepared to unlock the answers you need to make the best-informed decisions and stay one step ahead of your competition.
Forward Analytics can support your pharmaceutical or health care organization through market research and strategic marketing services. Our custom marketing research specialists are ready to consult with you and provide economic impact and search engine optimization (SEO) solutions. Please contact us at 412-207-2114

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To help you reach your goals, we offer several levels of health care marketing research:

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