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Economic Benefits of Tourism & Special Events Research
An economic impact study using visitor profile research and intercept surveys

The tourism industry has become increasingly competitive and special event planners rely on Forward Analytics to create a visitor profile and economic benefit study of their events. We offer a quality product at an affordable price. We have experience conducting intercept surveys at festivals, fairs, sporting events, trade shows and conferences. Our custom survey research provides event management with the strategic information needed to make the event both a memorable experience and a financially viable attraction.
In the past, special events such as the Pittsburgh Marathon were funded in part by the local government. However, when the city had to cut costs, the Marathon was canceled despite a 19 year long tradition. We believe a quantitative economic impact study may have helped justify this special event. Forward Analytics worked with the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon and 10K for just such a study. We demonstrated to organizers, sponsors, and the local government that the Cleveland Marathon brought in enough out of town guests to fill hotel rooms and restaurants, and generate an overall positive ROI for the city.

Creating Sponsorship Opportunities

As leaders in tourism market research, we feel that arts, festivals, and sporting events represent some of the best values for marketers and sponsors. Special events allow corporate sponsors to reach often hundreds of thousands of consumers in a short period of time. Still, sponsors want a guarantee that their marketing efforts are reaching the right audience, and that their brand equity is increasing through audience recognition. Forward Analytics' customer research surveys continually show captive audiences, high brand loyalty, and attractive demographics at these types of events.

Qualitative & Quantitative Intercept Surveys

Forward Analytics' market research process includes a quantitative survey, typically an intercept survey, of event attendees. Our visitor profile study is a more robust product than a typical demographic study. We work closely with our clients to construct a focused yet forward thinking customer intercept survey. Our research process is detailed enough to collect and measure the following:
  • Attendee satisfaction of event and specific event activities
  • Economic impact of tourism or out-of-regions spending levels
  • Sponsorship awareness and promotional effectiveness
  • Socio-graphics and psychographics of event attendees
  • Attendance motivators
  • Vendor benefits
  • Effectiveness of advertising/communications
Our data collection teams execute intercept surveys on-site at your event. Forward Analytics' field consultants are trained to gather quality data and represent your event in a friendly and professional manner. Our custom survey research ensures a representative sample of 'real time' attitudes and opinions.

Putting it ALL Together in an Economic Benefit Study

A comprehensive economic benefit study is incorporated into our market research process. This is accomplished by commingling strategic questions within the visitor profile survey asking visitors to indicate their level of spending at local restaurants, hotels, retail, entertainment, etc. attributable to your event. Leaving nothing to chance, our economic benefit study also measures the spending of vendors/exhibitors and sponsors. Quantifying the vendor/exhibitor group is important because they purchase local goods to stock their "booths" in addition to spending on lodging, restaurants, fuel, and parking. At the conclusion of your event, we will distribute an additional custom research survey to all event vendors, exhibitors, sponsors and partners. The custom survey will ask the necessary economic impact questions and gather additional information deemed important to event planners.
The end result and deliverable of our market research process is a well-illustrated 'brag book' which can be shared with your event partners or potential partners. Our final reports are designed to be highly valued business and marketing intelligence tools that are of substantial day-to-day utility. We open the report with a colorful and insightful summary of our findings. On a high level, we reiterate the precise aims of the study and follow that with an executive summary. The core of the document goes into a detailed description of each quantitative field in the survey. We are careful to show each step and to define the methodologies.
Forward Analytics has conducted a visitor profile study and economic benefit study for the ABA's Top 100 Events. Last years' clients included Summerfest - The Worlds Largest Music Festival in Milwaukee, and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
If you'd like a quote for conducting intercept surveys and a visitor profile study at your next special event please contact us at 412-207-2114.

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Our event studies capture the real economic drivers and demographics that sponsors and planners need. Our clients include:

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