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Forward Analytics welcomes you to its Industries launch page. As we mentioned on our Products page, the first characteristic you may notice about our site is that the pages are longer than you're probably used to. We hope you will take the time to read and understand the material. We believe that there are no shortcuts to adequately describe our premium marketing research, quantitative analysis, and Internet optimization products. Keep in mind that our goal is to unravel complex questions surrounding your business. Hopefully you will find the keys that can unlock your organizations' full marketing potential within the materials and topics that we cover in this section.

Forward Analytics is a full service marketing research and Internet marketing company offering services to the healthcare, higher education, arts, and tourism industries. We focus in these industries; however, we have used our custom research techniques to complete feasibility studies, customer value analyses, and economic impact research for other sectors including the construction, electronics, manufacturing, and consumer packaged goods industries.

Here are the primary Industries we serve with studies related specifically to that industry:

1. Education - Brand Planning, Economic Impact, and Student Needs - This first page of our Education section covers the principal challenges facing institutions today including strategic planning, student needs, and economic impact measurement.

2. Education - Student Retention - The second page of our Education discussion focuses exclusively on the bottom line need to improve student retention. Our services can identify and help correct problems at the pre-enrollment, active student, and alumni stages.

3. Health Care Marketing Research - The Healthcare industry uses market research at a number of levels. First, there is a need to quantitatively define a Hospitals' economic impact on a community. Second, the product support industry must accurately position its products among fierce competition. Third, we cover ways to stem losses caused by staff turnover. Last, we address benefits of using web optimization to capture the attention of the growing number of physicians and purchasing agents who use the Internet.

4. Tourism - Audience Development Studies, Market Segmentation, and Custom Surveys - We are defining "Tourism" as including, travel, destination facilities, the Arts, and community development. The first of our Tourism pages covers the broadest and most popular studies.

5. Tourism - Customer Value Analysis (CVA) - The second installment of our Tourism section describes a much more in-depth product called CVA. This study is capable of evaluating the feasibility of new events, policies, or buildings from a variety of viewpoints. This is appropriate for large organizations and community re-engineering projects.

6. Tourism - Economic Impact and Intercept Surveys - The final section of our Tourism coverage is focused on determining the economic impact and health of events, destinations, community attractions, etc. We believe our Intercept survey, which combines an economic impact study, provides a greater value than the 1 dimensional products offered by other research companies.

We hope you will find our detailed Industry descriptions helpful. If you have any questions regarding our strategic marketing research products, quantitative studies, and Internet search optimization services please contact a consultant at 412-207-2114.

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